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You can sell your car and use the money to put toward a new auto lease in NY, NJ, or PA. Many people sell their car and use the proceeds in place of a cash down payment. You get all the benefits of applying a large down payment to your new lease deal, but without having to come up with the cash on your own. Of course, you can also use the money for anything else you need it for. Our team would be happy to help you sell your car whether you are going to use it to get something new or not.

Get Paid Top Dollar

For most people, the most important thing when selling a car is going to be getting paid as much as possible for it. This is why we work so hard to ensure all our customers are compensated fairly for whatever vehicle they are selling. This is done through free, no-obligation appraisals on any vehicle you want to sell. We’ll look it over and use our extensive experience related to the auto industry to determine how much it is worth. In many cases, we’ll be able to pay more even then you could get selling it on your own.

Making Selling Your Car Easy

Many people want to try to sell their vehicle on their own to another private party because it may get them a little more money. While this can be true in some cases, it is certainly not always going to be that way. In addition, the selling process is far more complicated than it needs to be. You’ll need to list the vehicle, negotiate with buyers, deal with all their questions, and much more. In the end, the many hours you spend trying to sell your car for cash in NY, NJ, and PA can make it not worth the effort. If you would rather just sell your car to us (and still get paid top dollar), please give us a call at 646-652-8420.

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